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We are excited to announce that construction is now underway on the new 3-story main building on the existing Lowndes High School Campus. This 3-story, approximately 250,000 sq. ft. facility, is an important project for Lowndes County Schools as it will provide more square footage for instructional and administrative spaces, using a much smaller footprint than currently exists within one- and two-story buildings on campus, and will free up a significant amount of space on this landlocked campus, allowing for future growth of the High School for many years to come.

With the original facility built in the 1960s, and numerous renovations and additions through the years, most of the 76+ acre campus is currently covered with buildings, parking lots, a football stadium, other athletic fields/facilities, etc. Once the 3-story building is complete and ready for occupancy, students will move into this building and many of the older existing structures will be demolished, making way for site improvements such as an outdoor pavilion and additional parking.

This new structure, with a barrel roof and materials similar to those used for Gym, is designed to compliment the existing architecture, while transforming the existing facilities and site into a modern and sophisticated campus. The “Front of Campus” view, seen upon approach from the main entry drive, firmly establishes a “Front Door” to the campus which will serve as a main entry point into the school. This project will also tie the campus together in such a way that this new “Front Door” will allow for an increase in campus security.  In addition, this new facility will include a new Performing Arts Center.

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McCall Architecture is proud to be working with the Lowndes County School System on this Project and look forward to completion of this beautiful new facility.  We believe this facility will serve the Lowndes County School System well for many years to come.


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