The Liberty County Animal Control Department strives to provide effective and efficient control of domestic animals, while protecting the health, safety and welfare of Liberty County citizens and animals alike, and enforcing state and local animal control ordinances. They investigate the “mistreatment of animals, protect citizens from dangerous animals, and bring animals in need to safety”, and now they have a New Liberty County Animal Shelter to support this on-going mission.

Liberty County opened their new Animal Shelter, located at 1731 Lee Place Road, N.E., in Hinesville GA, in 2017.  One feature of particular importance to the staff was the conditioned spaces for the animals.  In a recent newsletter, one staff member pointed out that the staff would no longer be concerned for the animals’ health and well-being during harsh weather conditions, as this new facility offers a better stay for the “furry friends” that come their way.  

Liberty County Animal Shelter was designed by McCall Architecture and constructed by Dabbs-Williams General Contractors.  Construction was completed in August of 2017.  The facility includes two buildings under one roof, with a covered breezeway in between the buildings.  The Administration Building (brick masonry construction), with approximately 1,100 s.f., includes a work area for volunteers, staff offices, a break room, and a public restroom. 

The Animal Shelter building (constructed of CMU block) is approximately 2,900 s.f. with a unique indoor/outdoor kennel layout, with 16 total kennel units, and provides access for the animal either in or out through a small door within each kennel unit.  The interior of the kennel building contains a continuous resinous epoxy floor system throughout.  This floor has been specifically designed to withstand the harsh chemicals used in keeping the shelter floors sanitary and should provide many years of trouble-free service.  The entire interior kennel building is conditioned by a unique HVAC system that is designed to help mitigate odors and provide adequate fresh air throughout the building, while keeping humidity within acceptable levels.  Each kennel is outfitted with a stainless steel automatic animal watering fixture, a stainless steel food bowl, and a bed which folds up for easy cleaning.  These beds are treated with an anti-microbial chemical that prevents mold and mildew growth and is non-toxic to animals. 

The overall plumbing system has been designed to adequately handle animal waste with little maintenance, as well as aid in cleaning and preventing odor. 

There is a puppy room and a cat room for visiting these animals separate from the larger dog kennels.  The rear of the facility contains a restroom, shower area, laundry, storage, and a complete exam room.

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