• 2012
  • 9,945 sf
  • Pierce County Commission
Construction Delivery Method
  • CM with Department of Corrections inmate labor and subcontractors for major disciplines

Services Provided
  • Programming & Design

  • Project Manager

  • Bidding & Negotiations
  • Construction Administration

Pierce County Library

This complete project included a new library, the rehabilitation the historic NFC Building, and the renovation/expansion of the multi-purpose center and gymnasium.  All three portions of the projects were built using a combination of Department of Corrections inmate labor crews and subcontractors for major or specialized disciplines.

The new library is approximately 9,945 square feet.  In keeping with Pierce County’s past history as a noted train depot, the interior design features a train motif throughout. As part of this theme, the children’s area has a built-in reading nook in the shape of a train car, along with other interior touches reminiscent of locomotives.

The three structures included in this project are connected by a courtyard surrounded by wrought iron fences.  The courtyard provides a casual outdoor setting for a multipurpose community space.

This project was a joint financial effort between Pierce County, the United States Department of Agriculture, the State Library Board and the GA Department of Corrections.