• 2010
  • 5,000 sf
  • United States of America – Moody Air Force Base
Construction Delivery Method
  • Design/Bid/Build

Services Provided
  • Design

MAFB Hospital Warehouse Addition

This project includes a 5,000 sf addition to the existing hospital warehouse facility. The scope required that minimum entry should be maintained into the structure and surveillance would be designed to provide a higher level of security within the structure.

The main warehouse facility is divided into 12 fenced storage areas allowing for private or segregated storage for each department.

Also included in the addition is an area solely provided to handle toxic or biological threats. This area is designed to meet specific Federal requirements.

In addition, a new Communications room is centrally located in the structure. This area has a separate, stand-alone air conditioning system to allow for additional heat output from the communication rack.

A metal roof system, synthetic stucco and masonry veneer were used for the exterior such that the new addition matches the existing warehouse facility.