• 2022
  • 250,000 sf
  • Lowndes County School System
Construction Delivery Method
  • Design/Bid/Build
Services Provided
  • Design

  • Bidding & Negotiations
  • Construction Administration

Three-Story Addition to Lowndes High School

This new three-story facility is a transformational project for the Lowndes High School campus as it provides significantly more square footage on a much smaller footprint than previously occupied by the former one- and two-story buildings on campus. The new facility encompasses approximately 250,000 sq. ft. and provides instructional, administrative and support spaces for 3,000+ students and 260+ faculty and staff. In addition to the new main building, portions of some of the newer existing facilities were renovated to provide additional classrooms and lab spaces.

Since the original facility was built in the 1960s, there have been numerous renovations and additions through the years such that most of the 76+ acre campus was covered with admin/classroom buildings, parking lots, a football stadium, other athletic fields/facilities, etc. The completion of this new three-story building and the removal of some of the older structures made way for site improvements such as an outdoor pavilion and additional parking. This project has also made available a significant amount of space on this landlocked campus, allowing for the future growth of Lowndes High School for many years to come.

This new structure is designed to complement the existing architecture, while transforming the existing facilities and site into a modern and sophisticated campus.  The “Front of Campus” view, seen upon approach from the main entry drive, firmly establishes a “Front Door” to the campus which serves as a primary access point into the school and allows for increased campus security.

This project includes a new 940-seat Performing Arts Center, 67 new and five newly-renovated instructional spaces, as well as the following additional spaces:

  • Media Center
  • Special Ed. Family Living Center
  • Agricultural Mechanics Lab
  • Agricultural Multiuse Lab
  • Broadcast/Video Production Lab
  • Business Lab
  • Career Technical Instruction
  • Chorus
  • Computer Science
  • Construction Lab
  • Culinary Arts Lab
  • Drama Department including Black Box Theater
  • Engineering and Technology Multi-use Lab
  • Engineering, Drawing and Design Lab
  • Family and Consumer Science Lab
  • Graphic Arts Lab
  • Healthcare Services Multi-use Lab
  • Plant Science/Horticulture Lab
  • ROTC
  • Workplace Readiness Lab

Full interior design services were also provided including design, selection, procurement and installation administration of all furniture, fixtures and equipment for new and renovated buildings, including the new Performing Arts Center.