McCall Management

McCall Management is a firm that specializes in program, project and property management. Often organizations know their needs, but they don’t know if they can be met in a practical and financially feasible manner.  The respected team at McCall Management can help you conduct realistic market analysis and verify the need for a project and the ability to secure financing and service debt.  Through master planning, feasibility analysis, and financial budgeting before actual planning and construction start, McCall Management can develop realistic plans and projections, helping you determine if your project is viable.

Clients may not have the time or the experience to manage a design and construction project in today’s fast-paced market.  As projects become increasingly complex, McCall Management streamlines the process by managing the necessities:  conducting surveys; gathering legal descriptions; conducting geo-technical, wetlands, historic, landscape, zoning, utilities, stormwater, and land disturbance studies; managing the fire marshal and construction permitting processes; acquiring certificates of occupancy; commissioning and training building occupants on operations and maintenance; acquiring and placing furniture, fixtures, and equipment; and occupancy start-up.

The McCall Management team has a proven and successful track record of serving as the owner’s agent, a process known as program management.  Also known for timeliness and cost-efficiency in projects, we can acquire necessary information and permits on your behalf at less cost and with less delay.  By selecting us to manage your project, we can help you achieve a successful project, alleviating unnecessary expenses and hassles to you.

In addition to our program and project work, we also offer management services for commercial and multi-family residential properties.  For more information on the properties we have available, please contact us by phone at 229-242-2551.